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The facility we have adopted:

The Retreat

Assisted Living Facility

NBE ADOPT A GRANDPARENT meter for mastse

Do you want to join us in spreading love, joy, and hope?

We are starting our #adopt-a-grandparent campaign. 


This is an international campaign of balloon professionals around the world wanting to spread HAPPINESS to our pioneers, trailblazers, AKA our elders/seniors in the community.

How can you help?  Purchase a balloon buddy for a resident in the facility we are currently sponsoring (see above).  We will sponsor one facility at a time; then we will move to the next facility once the previous facility is fully sponsored--each resident will receive balloon buddy.

Help us to spread love, bring happiness and let our ELDERS know that they are not forgotten and that we are thinking about them and that they are not alone!

Facilities Adopted

1. Bloomfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation--Fully Sponsored, delivery date 4/2

2. The Retreat Assisted Living 

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