~Our Policies~

Nina's Balloon Emporium prides itself on providing excellent customer service. 

In order to do so, please adhere to the policies listed below: 

To Secure your event date for balloon décor:

  • Press accept on the electronic quote/estimate sent via email/text, which will then convert to an invoice.

  • Once converted, a 50% retainer fee is needed upon acceptance and at least 14 days before the event (this will secure your date).

  • The remaining 50% is due 3 days before the event (if within the above listed 14 day payment time frame).

  • If the event is less than 10 days away, the total balance is due at time of invoice (this will secure your date).


Rush Fee

  • Any order needed within 7 days, will be charged a $50 rush fee.

Payments accepted

Cancellation Policy

  • If the Client cancels within 15 days of the event, they will be refunded 100% of the initial fee. 

  • If the Client cancels within 7 days of the event, they will receive 50%. 

  • If the Client cancels in 6 days or less no refund will be given.  However, the amount can be transferred to another date/event using the services of Nina’s Balloon Emporium.

  • If Nina's Balloon Emporium have to cancel, a 100% refund will be given within 7 business days, or Client has the option to receive a credit for future services.

Balloon Décor Installation/Guarantee

  • For all of our balloon décor, we use high quality and environment friendly latex balloons. The conditions of the environment generally dictates the longevity of the balloons.

  • Please note:  We do not use balloons that are purchased by customers or outside of Nina's Balloon Emporium.  Our team always uses professional grade products which are purchased directly from a reputable balloon distributor.  

    • For indoor décor

      • Balloon décor can be installed up to 2 days prior to the event.

      • We mostly use air-filled balloons, which can last about a week, most times more.  

      • We use Hi-Float for all latex balloons filled with helium.  Balloons can last for at least 2 days.

    • For outdoor décor

      • Balloon décor will be installed the day of the event. 

      • We cannot guarantee a specific amount of time the balloons will last due to the weather conditions (humidity, wind, rain, temperature (hot/cold), sun).

      • When balloons are exposed to outdoor air, the texture will change to a velvet/matte texture​​.

      • In case of inclement weather, including but not limited to rain, hail, thunderstorms, Nina’s Balloon Emporium (NBE) will allow for the following:

        • Option #1 transfer outdoor décor to indoor décor by maintaining the same design as much as possible and with minimal charges possible.

        • Option #2 client can postpone to another date/time​, for no additional charge, unless location changes to an area outside of delivery zone.


Delivery, Set-up, Take-down, Rental Pick-up

   These are separate charges that will be listed in your quote:

  • What is DELIVERY?

    • To bring agreed upon products to agreed upon venue/location​​.

  • What is SET-UP?

    • To set-up agreed upon products at agreed upon venue/location/


    • To return to venue and take down/pick-up items that Nina’s Balloon Emporium originally brought for set-up (rental items, balloons, etc.)​​.


  • ​All prices listed on our website are STARTING prices.

  • All orders are subject to tax and delivery charges.

Yard Cards

  • Payment in full is due upon invoice.

  • Yard cards are available for rental only.

  • Please water lawn for at least an hour, 24 hours before delivery.

  • Cards are delivered 18 to 24 hours from the event time.

  • Please do move, replace, or trash the cards.

  • Client will be responsible for any damage to cards/stakes.

  • Please do not attach any object to the cards.

  • Nina's Balloon Emporium and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during the set-up or removal of any rental.

  • Be sure to take plenty of pictures. 



  • All rental items belong to Nina's Balloon Emporium (NBE) and should not be moved without written permission.

  • Rental items will be collected by Nina's Balloon Emporium at agreed upon time with client and NBE.

  • Rentals includes, but not limited to,

    • our stands

    • all of our backdrops

      • sequin curtains

      • non-sequin curtains

      • boxwood hedge

      • acrylic screen

    • artificial florals

    • yard cards

  • To ensure appropriate placement of items, NBE will consult with client upon arrival to discuss placement of rental items and NBE will consult before leaving the venue.​​

  • If rental items are damaged, client will be responsible to replace the item(s) and/or pay to replace the items.