~Our Policies~

Nina's Balloon Emporium prides itself on providing excellent customer service. 

In order to do so, please adhere to the policies listed below: 

To Secure your event date for balloon décor:

  • Check our calendar to see if the date is available for your event.

  • Complete the "Request a Quote Form".

  • Then click on "Reserve Date" button to pay $100 retainer fee (in the note section, type in date).  The payment of this fee will guarantee your date.  It is non-refundable, but will be used towards the subtotal of your order.


To Finalize your event:

  • Once you receive the quote, do the following:

    1. Review it and contact us immediately with any questions or changes.

    2. If you agree with all items on quote, click on  "accept estimate". By pressing "accept estimate", you are agreeing to the terms and policies of this estimate and Nina's Balloon Emporium.

    3. Estimate will be converted to an invoice, full payment is  expected at the time of invoice.


Rush Fee

  • Any order needed within 7 days of event will be charged a $75 rush fee.

Payments accepted

Cancellation Policy

  • If the Client cancels at least 14 days before the event and have paid made the full payment, they will be refunded 50% of the payment. 

  • If the Client cancels less than 14 days of the event, no refund will be given.  However, the amount can be transferred to another date/event using the services of Nina’s Balloon Emporium.

  • If Nina's Balloon Emporium have to cancel, a 100% refund will be given within 7 business days, or Client has the option to receive a credit for future services.

Balloon Décor Installation/Guarantee

  • For all of our balloon décor, we use high quality and environment friendly latex balloons. The conditions of the environment generally dictates the longevity of the balloons.

  • Please note:  We do not use balloons that are purchased by customers or outside of Nina's Balloon Emporium.  Our team always uses professional grade products which are purchased directly from a reputable balloon distributor.  

    • For indoor décor

      • Balloon décor can be installed up to 2 days prior to the event.

      • We mostly use air-filled balloons, which can last about a week, most times more.  

      • We use Hi-Float for all latex balloons filled with helium.  Balloons can last for at least 2 days.

    • For outdoor décor

      • Balloon décor will be installed the day of the event. 

      • We cannot guarantee a specific amount of time the balloons will last due to the weather conditions (humidity, wind, rain, temperature (hot/cold), sun).

      • When balloons are exposed to outdoor air, the texture will change to a velvet/matte texture, which is also known as oxidation​​.

      • In case of inclement weather, including but not limited to rain, hail, thunderstorms, Nina’s Balloon Emporium (NBE) will allow for the following:

        • Option #1 transfer outdoor décor to indoor décor by maintaining the same design as much as possible and with minimal changes and/or charges possible.

        • Option #2 client can postpone to another date/time, if available, for no additional charge, unless location changes to an area outside of delivery zone.


Delivery, Set-up, Take-down, Rental Pick-up (fees apply)

   These are separate charges that will be listed in your quote:

  • What is DELIVERY?

    • To bring agreed upon products to agreed upon venue/location​​ at a rate of $2.50 per mile.

  • What is SET-UP?

    • To set-up agreed upon products at agreed upon venue/location at a rate of $89 per hour.


    • To return to venue and take down/pick-up items that Nina’s Balloon Emporium originally brought for set-up (rental items, balloons, etc.)​​ at a flat rate of $59.


  • ​All prices listed on our website are STARTING prices.

  • All orders are subject to tax and delivery charges.

Yard Cards

  • Payment in full is due upon invoice.

  • Yard cards are available for rental only.

  • Please water lawn for at least an hour, 24 hours before delivery.

  • Cards are delivered 18 to 24 hours from the event time.

  • Please do move, replace, or trash the cards.

  • Client will be responsible for any damage to cards/stakes.

  • Please do not attach any object to the cards.

  • Nina's Balloon Emporium and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during the set-up or removal of any rental.

  • Be sure to take plenty of pictures. 



  • All rental items belong to Nina's Balloon Emporium (NBE) and should not be moved without written permission.

  • Rental items will be collected by Nina's Balloon Emporium at agreed upon time with client and NBE.

  • Rentals includes, but not limited to,

    • our stands

    • all of our backdrops

      • sequin curtains

      • non-sequin curtains

      • boxwood hedge

      • acrylic screen

    • artificial florals

    • yard cards

  • To ensure appropriate placement of items, NBE will consult with client upon arrival to discuss placement of rental items and NBE will consult before leaving the venue.​​

  • If rental items are damaged, client will be responsible to replace the item(s) and/or pay to replace the items.